I have been welcomed with so much kindness and compassion into the gallery and it has made my experience in Kathmandu one I will remember forever. The in depth explanations of the Nepalese Thanka and its meaning to the people has inspired me in learning, and hopefully-to practice one day. I have experienced many conversations about Buddhist Philosophy and what it means to view an authentic Thanka, and to feel its true power and energy. It has been a real pleasure meeting everyone, learning and being treated like family. I look forward to keeping in contact with the academy, and hopefully to one day organize a partnership with Australia, and spread the light and beauty of this ancient art around the western world. Namaste. 
Zac Miguel
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white Tara
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Size: 117 cm X 92 cm
Kalachakra Mandala Thangka
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Size: 38 cm X 38 cm
Kalachakra Mandala Thangka
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Size: 38 cm X 38 cm
Kalachakra Mandala Thangka
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Size: 47 cm X 47 cm

Eight auspicious symbols Mandala (F6)

Eight auspicious symbols Mandala (F6)
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This Round Mandala Thangka Painting represent Eight auspicious symbols Mandala. Mandala is a circle, which is a device for the Tantric meditation. It is a visual aid for concentration and introversive meditation leading to the attainment of insights and to activation of forces culminating in "Siddhi" supernatural forces. The Mandala is the graphic representation of this process. It is not only theoretical but practical also as an operational scheme involving a clear plan for practical realization of the process within oneself. It thus becomes an instrument (Yantra). There are many types and varieties of Mandalas depending on the nature of the central deity. The most classic pattern of Mandalas is of the Dhyani Buddha. This Thangka depicts Buddha Mandala. The Mandala represents "palace of purity" a magic sphere cleared of spiritual obstacles and unpurified. The square of the "Sacred palace" proper is end used in multiple circles of flame, Vajra, eight centuries (appears only in wrathful deities) lotus, then the inner square to reach to the deity of the Mandala.


Right-coiled White Conch
The white conch that coils to the right symbolizes the deep,
far-reaching and melodious sound of truthful teachings that
awaken us from our ignorance and urge us to work for our
own and others’ welfare.

Victory Banner
The victory banner commemorates our ability to persevere
and triumph over the harmful forces of the mind and body
that keep us from realizing our full potential and leading
happy and productive lives.

Dharma Wheel
The wheel symbolizes the continual and revolving revelation
of truth in our lives, allowing us to experience daily the joy of
compassion for all living things.

Lotus Flower
Because the lotus flower is rooted in mud, but blossoms into
a pure and radiant white flower, the lotus commemorates
our ability to transform difficult circumstances into beneficial

Precious Umbrella
The precious umbrella symbolizes the wholesome activity of
preserving others from illness and other harmful forces that
might appear in their lives. It also represents the protection
we receive from right action and wisdom.

Golden Fish
The golden fish symbolize our ability to negotiate all hardships
—to swim in the ocean of life—moving from place to place
freely and spontaneously, just as fish swim freely without fear
through water.

Auspicious Drawing
The auspicious drawing symbolizes our intertwined relationship
with all aspects of the universe. It also represents the union of
wisdom and method, encouraging us to bring our great and
wise humanity to bear on our understanding of our place in
the environment and our effect on its future.

Vase of Treasure
The treasure vase symbolizes the vast collection of wisdom
that we have at our disposal as we confront the struggles of
our daily lives.

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